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Welcome to Creekside Oasis

Your access to thrilling rainforest experiences and endless adventure in the nearby Caribbean. Comfortable accommodations await you at day's end.

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Make Creekside Oasis your home base while you explore the cultural and eco-adventure activities around the Toledo District of Belize. Inland, experience Mayan archaeological sites, caves, ziplining, and cacao or spice farm tours. Next, hit the water for kayaking, fly fishing, or snorkeling and diving at a World Heritage site. After your adventures, enjoy great food, hospitality and pleasingly rustic yet oh-so-comfortable accommodations.

'Good Trail'

Our former name, Chaab'il B'e, means 'good trail' in Q'eqchi' Maya. We invite you to experience the good trails of Creekside Oasis—creekside looking for howler monkeys in the tall trees, in the tropical forest bird watching, or in the gardens enjoying the heliconias, gingers, and orchids endemic to southern Belize.


An Authentic Experience

Discover the Heart of the Jungle

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the rainforest and explore its vibrant biodiversity. Our lodge, garden, and casitas put you right in the middle of it all.

Unspoiled Acreage

Acres of private land around Creekside Oasis provide an up-close experience with the wild beauty of the jungle, untouched by human development. Dozens of bird and mammal species call this area home, just the same as they have for thousands of years.

Your Rainforest Home-away-from-home

Creekside Oasis provides an authentic rainforest experience. As our guest, you can immerse youself in untouched wilderness and witness a rich array of bird species. Access to thrilling expeditions such as river rafting and kayaking is close at hand. The lodge's proximity to snorkeling and fishing in the Caribbean give you the chance to explore diverse marine ecosystems.


A Birder's Paradise

Nestled along Jacinto Creek in the shadow of the Maya Mountains, Creekside Oasis is perfectly situated to experience the amazing avian variety of southern Belize.

Are you a birder? You'll get to awake to the sounds of parrots, chachalacas, and Montezuma oropendolas. Keel-billed toucans and collared araceris, and several species of trogons are common on the property. You might hear the clicking of the white-collared manakins and follow the sound to watch their display.

Creekside Oasis has over 35 acres of private forest, with three of those acres maintained in our gardens. Our gardens are full of local flowering and fruit-bearing trees that attract birds year around. One birder couple said, "We don't have to leave the property. We can just sit by this one tree and complete our list."

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