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Ready to experience the REAL Belize?

Toledo District is the most rural district in all of Belize. As such, there are many opportunities for adventure here that you won't find in most guide books.

Want to hike through the jungle and cross a river to a cave visited by no more than a couple dozen people every year?

We can help.

Want to learn survival skills and actually put them to the test with an overnight stay in the rain forest?

We've got you.

If you're the kind of person who doesn't consider your trip complete unless you've gotten your hands (and most likely the rest of you) dirty, we can relate! That's the spirit of adventure that inspired us to visit Belize for the first time, and what kept us coming back.

Note: All adventure packages are booked and managed by Toledo Cave and Adventure Tours. Prices listed here are for adventure tours only and DO NOT include lodging at Creekside Oasis.

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Adventure and Maya Tour


Uxbenka, Santa Cruz and Yok Balum Cave

After a visit to Uxbenka and the village of Santa Cruz, your guide will take you on a hike through “high Bush” and secondary growth rainforest. You will cross crystal clear streams to reach a very remote and breathtaking spot where you will discover the Yok Balum Cave. You will then continue through some of the best preserved forest in southern Belize. A rich variety of ferns, heliconia and shade loving palms such as the broom, ‘give and take’, and bay leaf palm flourish under the tall canopy provided by giant forest trees. You'll leave here and head to the Rio Blanco river for a picnic lunch and a soothing water massage. You leave Santa Cruz as the sun moves behind the hills, heading homeward through the villages of San Antonio and Mafredi, and back to the Southern Highway for the return journey.

Yok Balum Cave
Plated rice and beans.

Jungle Survival Expedition


Santa Cruz (overnight)

The jungle survival expedition is among the most authentic experiences you will find, short of relocating to the jungle. For a short while you will come as close as possible to living in the traditional way that Maya people lived in this area for hundreds of years. You will have the opportunity to spend the night in a tropical rainforest, to eat directly from the jungle, and to practice fishing with hand lines and bamboo poles (or sticks). You will be taught about hunting, and building traps and snares. You will build, start and maintain a fire for cooking, fashion your own cooking utensils, and see which common wild plants are suitable as food. And finally, you will build your own natural shelter using only a machete and know-how.

Jungle and Adventure Tour


Jungle Hike from Santa Cruz to Blue Creek

The old Mayan trail leading up from Santa Cruz to Blue Creek has been used for decades as a go between for the two villages. In recent years there have been several sightings of fresh jaguar prints in the moist soil between the two villages. Snakes, Lizards and tree frogs have also been spotted along with some of the most beautiful birds and butterflies that can be found in Belize. Virtually untouched by tourism, this journey shows off the very essence of the jungle itself surrounded on all sides by some of the most beautiful, lush, green jungle found anywhere in the world.

The trail begins just past the bank of Santa Cruz Rio Blanco River and follows its underwater channels into the heart of the mountains along trails shaded by palms. The trail is quite easy at first, then becomes steeper as you approach the top. Once at the top there is a clear view of the mountains where you can look out across the jungle for miles. The undulating trail soon arrives at a spectacular waterfall cascading into the deep pool below. Don't forget your swimming gear! This is the perfect place for a swim and to sunbathe on the island of smooth flat rocks that have formed in the middle of the pool.

Jungle path.

Looking for something unique, but slightly less "adventurous?"

Cut mamey fruit.
Photo by Wil Carranza on Unsplash

Exotic, Tropical Fruit Tasting Adventure


A tour of Exotic, Tropical Fruit is a wonderful and unforgettable experience for people of all ages!

Learn about exotic fruits and organic family farming. You will be invited to see, smell, and taste the delicious fruits that Toledo and Belize has to offer. On this guided tour you will learn to identify and harvest a wide array of delectable fruits. You will also learn how to select, prepare and eat them. Included is a guided tour through different farmland which has many different fruit trees collected from the Toledo district, as well as other parts of Belize. Dozens of different species! There are always at least ten fruits for the tasting.

*Rates in USD, per person, minimum of 2 required.

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